Music Friends (Drums) (Age 6)

Start a Lifetime of Music with a Musical Instrument that You Long to Play

Have you ever been told that music nourishes the heart? Or heard that making music enhances intelligence? It has been scientifically proven that practicing music has a positive influence on the brains and hearts of people. However, children are busy with school and other studies, so that even those who are interested in practicing music may have no time for practice. Moreover, many children – and parents – worry that musical skills cannot be developed unless the learner starts very young. To ease those apprehensions, Yamaha has started the Music Friends Course, a new programme for aged 6 and above.

The Music Friends Course is unique in that it has a combination of both group and individual learning concepts weaved into the lessons. The methodology and concepts allow learners to progress and learn at the own pace, with stress-free lessons. Moreover, students get the full enjoyment and fun of making music together with friends while mastering basic musical skills. The line-up of course subjects designed for this new course embraces the unique education methods, accompanied with well-known pieces rearranged for fun learning. In addition, continually updated supporting materials help further enhance the music learning experience.


Here are the 4 benefits of the Music Friends Course:

1. Learning at Your Own Pace

Each student reliably masters performance techniques through lessons matched to his or her own pace during one-on-one lessons with a teacher. The teacher gives solid support to every student. You can start anytime without worrying about age or specific times.

2. Interesting Pieces to Engage the Learner

Textbooks contain a variety of famous pieces. For all pieces, Yamaha adds arrangements and opulent accompaniments, and the experience gained from playing them along with orchestras or bands gives students a special worldview of each piece and nurtures their creativity.

3. Establishing Stronger Foundational Skills in a Group

To further enhance the basic skills developed, learners will also experience the joy of playing music together with their friends, an experience unachievable in an individual lesson setting. Through simple finger exercises, ensemble playing and also singing simple melodies, learners effectively master skills such as concentration, rhythm sense, and singing in correct pitch.

4. Supporting IT Tools

In the classroom or at home, students can watch and learn through model performances on the videos and practice with rhythmic accompaniment. This tool serves as a great support for individual practice and learning.


AGE GROUP: 6-Year-Olds and Above (Flexible Enrollment Period)
LESSON FORMAT: Grouped Individual Lessons 
GROUP SIZE: 4 to 8 Students Per Class