Billy Sheehan's Meet & Greet

Billy Sheehan's Meet & Greet

Yamaha Music recently hosted a Meet & Greet Session on 5th August, featuring the renowned bass artist Billy Sheehan. The event was also streamed live via the link at the end of the article. Billy has achieved significant recognition in the music industry and has been honored with the title of ‘Best Rock Bass Player’ through the esteemed Guitar Player readers’ polls.


During the session, several topics were discussed. Billy shared his experiences as a Yamaha Artist and how he has relied on his Signature Attitude Bass for gigs and recording for over 30 years. Despite his professional level, Billy expressed his continuous pursuit of improvement as a bass player and his enduring passion for playing the instrument. He mentioned that every time he picks up the bass, he discovers something new, even after 55 years of playing, emphasizing that the adventure of music is boundless.


Additionally, Billy talked about his live and recording gear, particularly highlighting the functionality and portability of Line 6 Helix. He praised how Line 6 had accurately modelled his amp and audio compressor. Lastly, he shared his valuable experiences as a member of the renowned band, Mr. Big, and how he has had the privilege of embarking on world tours over the years.


In the Q&A session, a participant raised the question of whether this tour would indeed be the final one for Mr. Big and the rationale behind that decision. Billy elaborated, emphasizing that it’s a meaningful way to say goodbye and show appreciation to the fans, culminating the musical journey of Mr. Big on a high and memorable note.

As the Meet & Greet session concluded, attendees had the chance to interact with Billy, take pictures together, and receive autographs from him as well as an exclusive poster.


Big thanks to everyone who joined in – we look forward to having you in our next gig!


Full Meet & Greet Live Streaming: Watch Now