Yamaha Electone Festival 2023 - Interview with Jenkin Ong and Ng Tzee Weng

Yamaha Electone Festival 2023 - Interview with Jenkin Ong and Ng Tzee Weng

In the realm of music, every artist's journey is unique, and their stories often hold the power to inspire others. In this second segment of our four-part interview series, we delve into the world of Yamaha Electone and gain insights from the winner of Junior Age Group 2, along with his dedicated mentor.


Jenkin Ong: Unveiling the Beauty of Electone

"Electone has a wide variety of sounds, and I am extremely impressed by the choices of musical instruments available," shares Jenkin Ong, the winner of Junior Age Group 2 in this year's Yamaha Electone Festival (YEF). With a journey spanning six years, Jenkin's passion for Electone was ignited by the instrument's versatility and the joy of creating diverse music through unique sound combinations.

Beyond the joy it brings, Jenkin emphasizes the uniqueness of Electone, attributing his choice to its rich soundscape and the ability to seamlessly integrate various musical instruments under one roof. “It sparks my imagination to create different compositions with the variety choices of sounds,” he adds.

Jenkin's dedication to his craft is evident in his choice of instrument – the Yamaha ELS-02C model, renowned for its top-tier features that cater to serious players. When asked about the importance of having the right instrument for practice, especially in preparation for YEF 2023, Jenkin's response underscores the adage, “Practice makes perfect.” Having the appropriate instrument facilitates focused practice, allowing for the refinement of specific areas and elevating his skills for the competition.


Jenkin Ong (left) receiving his certificate of award from Yamaha Music (Asia) Private Limited’s Managing Director, Yoshinori Sasaki (right)


Mr. Ng Tzee Weng: Guiding the Path to Excellence

Stepping into the mentor's shoes, Mr. Ng Tzee Weng, a Yamaha Electone teacher, shares his experience guiding Jenkin's musical journey. Despite a mentoring period of only six months, Mr. Ng acknowledges Jenkin's impressive progress, a testament to his hard work and consistent performance.

Reflecting on Jenkin's victory, Mr. Ng admits that winning the YEF Junior Age Group 2 was a delightful surprise. He attributes Jenkin's success to his musicality and sound registrations that added a distinctive flair to his performance.

Discussing the significance of access to suitable instruments, Mr. Ng emphasizes that the right tools are essential for comprehensive Electone learning. Instruments like the Yamaha ELS-02C offer not only advanced features like rhythm programming and voice editing but also an exceptionally responsive touch keyboard, making them ideal choices for both learners and educators.

Mr. Ng concludes with advice for aspiring Electone enthusiasts. He encourages them to engage with diverse music genres, delve into music history, and develop fundamental computer knowledge due to the instrument's integration with advanced technology. However, he underscores that consistent practice remains the cornerstone of success.

As this segment of the interview series draws to a close, we gain a deeper appreciation for the dedication and passion that drive young talent like Jenkin Ong and his mentor, Mr. Ng Tzee Weng. The stories highlight the importance of the right instrument, consistent practice, and a thirst for musical exploration.

Stay tuned for the next chapter, where we explore the journey of Chong Zi Yang, the Junior Age Group 3 winner, and his mentor, Mr. Tan Hong Kwang. Their narratives promise to offer further insights into the world of Yamaha Electone and the remarkable individuals who shape its future.

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