Yamaha Electone Festival 2023 - Interview with Jenson Ong and Mr. Rido

Yamaha Electone Festival 2023 - Interview with Jenson Ong and Mr. Rido

In early June, the annual Yamaha Electone Festival (YEF) was held at Voices of Singapore Capitol Studio. The event came to a rousing conclusion with winners from the various categories emerging amidst much fanfare.

With the dust settled on the euphoria of winning, we catch up with the winners and their mentors to gain a deeper look into their journey with the Electone.

In the first of a four-part interview series, we are pleased to have the winner of Junior Age Group 1, 7-year-old Jenson Ong Shao Kang, and his mentor Mr. Rido, with us.


Jenson Ong receiving his award from Yamaha Music (Asia) Private Limited’s Managing Director, Yoshinori Sasaki


A Journey with Music: Jenson Ong Shao Kang and His Electone Adventure

The vibrant spirit of curiosity and aspiration often finds its spark in the simplest of inspirations. For 7-year-old Jenson Ong Shao Kang, it was the entrancing sight of his elder brother playing the Electone that ignited his own musical voyage. Mesmerized by the instrument's diverse soundscape and by the boundless potential it offered, Jenson's fascination led him to take his first steps into the realm of music.

"I've been playing the Electone for about 4 years now," Jenson shares with a contagious enthusiasm. "I saw my big brother playing it, and it looked really fun and interesting. The Electone has so many cool sounds, and I thought it would be a blast to learn."

Jenson's journey isn't merely about the allure of novelty; it's a testament to the versatility and joy that the Electone brings into his life. Unlike other instruments, the Electone's vast array of sounds and creative possibilities ignited a unique kind of passion within Jenson.

"It's super fun because it has such a wide variety of sounds," he exclaims. "It's way more exciting than other instruments, and it even lets me make my own music. Plus, I get to know more about different instruments too."

With his heart set on mastery, Jenson diligently practices on his chosen Yamaha ELS-02C Electone model. This daily commitment, fuelled by his deep-seated love for the instrument, played a pivotal role in preparing him for the challenges and triumphs of the Yamaha Electone Festival 2023.

"Having the Electone at home was really helpful," Jenson reflects. "I could practice every day, which made my weekly lessons and getting ready for YEF 2023 much easier."


Jenson Ong with his Electone Teacher, Mr. Rido.


Guiding the Future: The Mentorship of Mr. Rido

Behind every rising star stands a dedicated mentor, a guiding light who nurtures talent and shapes aspirations. For Jenson, that guiding presence is Mr. Rido, a passionate Yamaha Electone teacher who has been instrumental in his musical journey.

Teaching Jenson since April 2022, Mr. Rido's admiration for his young prodigy is palpable. "Teaching Jenson has been a wonderful experience," he shares warmly. "He's a quick learner and very eager to challenge himself. Our lessons have been productive and enjoyable."

Jenson's journey is a testament to the importance of having access to the right instrument. Mr. Rido emphasizes that the instrument's role in practice and creativity cannot be overstated. "Having the right instrument is crucial for a musician's success," he explains. "It allows students to practice effectively and explore their creativity to the fullest."

Mr. Rido's choice of the ELS-02C as the teaching instrument is a testament to its versatility and power in enhancing students' musical growth. This model empowers young musicians like Jenson to explore their creative potential and excel in their musical endeavours.

As a parting piece of wisdom, Mr. Rido shares heartfelt advice for aspiring Electone learners: "Learning the Electone can be both challenging and enjoyable. Embrace the journey, and you'll discover how it enriches you as a musician and as an individual."

And so, the curtain falls on the first chapter of our four-part interview series with the shining stars of YEF 2023 and their dedicated mentors. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the world of young musical prodigies in our next instalment, where we'll uncover the journey of Junior Age Group 2 winner, Jenkin Ong Shao Bin, and his mentor, Mr. Ng Tzee Weng.


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