Musical Journey with Munees

Musical Journey with Munees

Meet Munees, a talented and passionate guitar educator with a wealth of musical experience. Beginning his musical journey at the age of 16, Munees discovered his love for the guitar and formed a punk-rock band with friends. As his skills progressed, he delved into classical guitar, seeking further growth and taking up teaching full-time in 2015.

Joining Yamaha in 2022, Munees embraces their well-established syllabi and focuses on creating a collaborative and social atmosphere in his lessons. With a dedication to ongoing learning and skill development, he strives to inspire his students, offering invaluable feedback and guidance to help them progress. Read on to understand how Munees's expertise and genuine enthusiasm make him an exceptional guitar educator.



Hi! I'm Munees. When I was 16, I started playing the guitar when my friends and I decided to form a punk-rock band after our GCE "O" levels. I started taking classical guitar lessons a few months after because I felt that my progress had plateaued.



I started teaching guitar on a full-time basis in 2015 and joined Yamaha in July 2022. What drew me to teaching music was that I love playing the guitar and jamming with friends. I still get together with my buddies and we workshop our favourite songs. I hope to bring that joy to students. During every lesson, I try to incorporate the collaborative and social aspects of music by playing songs together with my students that they choose.

It's been a long road to upgrading my skill set by signing up for courses and exams, as well as seeking out experienced mentors. There's a lot of on-the-job learning with regard to being adaptable to different situations and being mindful of others’ needs. At the same time, the skill level of beginner students has improved compared to when I first started as a student. This then pushes me to continue to study and work on my craft even further.



One massive benefit of learning at Yamaha is its well-established and comprehensive syllabi. Secondly, the training sessions and reviews that the teachers go through ensure consistency across teachers. For guitar, there are exams for the classical, electric, and acoustic syllabi.

One of the pitfalls of learning from online sources is that there is no feedback mechanism. I started learning guitar by watching YouTube, just like many of my new students. I remember that it felt like I was stuck making the same mistakes over and over without any noticeable improvement and the students I've met have all experienced the same. As good as online resources can be, nothing beats having a more experienced and skilled musician working with you to point out what you need to work on to level up. Chances are that a good teacher has already made similar mistakes before and knows how to help you get out of your rut.



I enjoy the challenge of learning new repertoire. There are a few complex solo and ensemble pieces that I hope to master soon! An example of an ensemble piece that I'm working on is called "Road to the Sun" by Pat Metheny.

I set achievable short-term goals with a long-term 5-year goal in mind. Each time I achieve one of my short-term goals, it gives me more confidence to start looking at my next goal. I feel passionate about sharing knowledge with my students. A successful mentor-pupil relationship is one where the mentor supports the student’s growth while pursuing lifelong learning themselves.



Choose an instrument that is comfortable to sit with and hold. If the instrument isn't comfortable to play, you're less likely to practice. Lastly, look for an instrument that is within your budget that produces a decent sound and has good intonation. For beginner students, this aspect is the hardest for them to pick out as it requires a trained ear. Hence, it would be ideal if the student was accompanied by a more experienced player or their guitar teacher.

Guitar recommendation for students: CG122 for entry-level students buying their first guitar. CG192 for the student who has a few years of experience.

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