SlapKlatz: An On-The Go Solution

SlapKlatz: An On-The Go Solution

For over a decade, SlapKlatz has been the #1 drum dampener for drummers worldwide. Drummers such as Benny Greb to Oli Beaudoin can’t get enough of SlapKlatz. What’s so special about them?



The Slapklatz Pro Pack comes with a weather sealed case for easy storage and re-use. As drummers in Singapore, how many times have you found yourself in this situation: You turn up to the Jamming Room for practice with the band, but the room’s drum kit has way too many overtones and ringing in their old cymbals just hurt your ears. With the SlapKlatz Pro Pack, you control the overtones from both the drums and even the cymbals!

When you’re done with the session just store your SlapKlatz dampeners in the provided case and they are ready for your next practice! If ever you need a refill the Slapklatz Refillz are available for you to re-use your weather sealed case!



The weather sealed case provided in the Slapklatz combined with material of the dampeners themselves make it unlikely for the dampeners to melt unlike other brands. Considering the humidity in sunny Singapore, this is an important factor in choosing a product for your drum dampening needs.



Express yourself with Slapklatz colour selection from clear to pink, making the dampening experience unique to you. Whether you are muting a drum kit at home or using it in the practice space with a rental kit, be known for the neon coloured gel dampners on your amazing sounding drum kit, or stay subtle with the clear or black dampeners, tha choice is yours!