SlapKlatz: Your Perfect Drum Dampening Solution

SlapKlatz: Your Perfect Drum Dampening Solution

For over a decade, SlapKlatz has been the #1 drum dampener for drummers worldwide. Drummers such as Anika Nilles to Gulli Briem can’t get enough of SlapKlatz. What’s so special about them?

SlapKlatz is a perfectly designed product that has been tested repeatedly as the best in the market. SlapKlatz prides itself as the most versatile brand to have the largest assortments and being the first “invisible” drum dampener. The adhesive gel makes it perfect for any snare, tom drum, or drum type. It can also stay upside down on the bottom of your cymbal, so you won’t have to worry about it falling off at any time.

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SlapKlatz’s adhesive gel material makes it the perfect drum dampener to put anywhere on your drums. With rigorous testing, SlapKlatz has perfected the size and thickness of each individual SlapKlatz. The adhesive gels come in multiple colours, such as green, pink, black, and traditional clear, so that you can stand out as an individual from other drummers.  SlapKlatz is perfect for any drummer looking to remove any unwanted rings or overtones from their drums without sacrificing the perfect tone. With three different sizes and four different combinations, SlapKlatz gives you various sounds to find the perfect tone you’re looking for.
Their easy-to-use sticky gel formula makes it ideal for players to remove and readjust, and they are super easy to clean. They have a selection of sizes, giving you the option to decide how you would like to use the dampeners. Whatever your drum-dampening needs, SlapKlatz has got you covered.
The quality and versatility of SlapKlatz has easily made it the #1 drum dampener in the market. With a variety of different options and different ways to make use of the product, SlapKlatz will be the perfect drum-dampening solution for you.


  • Sizes - Small, Medium, Large
  • Removes unwanted rings or overtones
  • Sticky adhesive surface resistant to falling off
  • Colours - Green, Pink, Clear, Black

It should be noted that these are suggestions and a starting point. For any experienced drummer, feel free to move the dampeners around and to achieve the sound you’re looking for. Using SlapKlatz is a simple process. Simply stick the adhesive gel on the top of your drum. When using two gels, stick one on the top and one direction parallel to the other side of your drum. For three adhesive gels, set in a triangle formation on your drums. And finally, for four gels, you’ll want to set it in a square formation on the drum you are trying to dampen. This method can be used from small adhesive gels all the way up to large ones.

Pro tip: Keep the plastic covering over the adhesive gel while in use to preserve the life of your dampener for as long as possible.

Image Credit: SlapKlatz



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