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Genos2, our flagship Arranger Workstation, comes with astonishing sound quality as standard. From Yamaha's legendary DX7 FM technology, to the cutting-edge Ambient Drums and Steinberg's acclaimed REVelation Reverb. The features of Genos2 combine to deliver the richest of musical experiences.

  • 1,991 Voices + 75 Drum/SFX Kits
  • 800 Styles, including 200 brand new Styles
  • FM and AWM dual engine tone generators
  • Ambient Drums, Style Dynamics Control function
  • REVelation Reverb
  • 6 assignable knobs with LED gauge, 9 assignable sliders with LED gauge
  • 9 assignable buttons, 3 articulation buttons
  • 3GB on-board memory for expansion data
  • 15GB internal memory
  • FSX keyboard, Initial Touch/Aftertouch
  • 9-inch color touch screen with anti-reflective coating
  • Chord Looper function
  • Mic input for use when singing or collaborating with other performers
  • Playlist and Registration for quick and easy set up
  • Vocal Harmony and Synth Vocoder functions
  • Voice and Style expandability with the Yamaha Expansion Manager
  • HDMI port for external display or tv
  • 3 USB TO DEVICE terminals
  • USB Audio Interface
  • Wireless LAN *may not have this functionality depending on the country
  • Bluetooth Audio *may not have this functionality depending on the country
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Pushing the boundaries of Arranger Workstation sound, our new flagship, Genos2, includes the legendary DX7 FM technology, cutting-edge Ambient Drums and Steinberg’s acclaimed REVelation Reverb. With Style Dynamics Control you’re in charge of the energy and dynamics of all 800 preset Styles, bringing a whole new musical dimension to Style playing. Together with the new brighter, anti-reflective display and Live Control LEDs, the features of Genos2 combine to deliver the richest of musical experiences



With over 1900 of the highest quality Voices and 800 Styles with One Touch Settings covering a vast array of musical genres, you will immediately be inspired to play your favourite songs or even create new musical ideas and compositions. Over 200 Styles are brand new, with all existing Styles being fully upgraded to use new Voices and effects, including FM tone generation and the ability to use Ambient Drums and Style Dynamics Control. The result is a high-end professional production.

One of the most important sounds for any keyboard player is the Piano, so we have not only added new Pianos, but also reprocessed existing Pianos to a much higher quality. The CFX, being Yamaha’s flagship grand piano, now has more dynamic layers, 88 keys sampling and double length samples compared to its predecessor. In addition, we can choose from a Character Grand, which is a German 1980s well played-in piano, giving a more edgy yet rounded sound, perfect for Pop and Jazz music. The U1 Upright being Yamaha’s top end Upright piano has been tuned to provide a contemporary flavour for modern Pop songs. If it’s a more cinematic sound you’re looking for, you can try the rich melancholy sound of the new Felt Piano.


In an Arranger Workstation first, Genos2 features a dual engine tone generator with not only AWM technology but now also FM synthesis.

FM has a rich, dynamic sound and powered Yamaha’s legendary DX7, an instrument which defined the sound of the 1980s. The iconic DX7 presets and a range of new, modern FM Voices are integrated into the Styles and One Touch Settings and available to play at the touch of a button, bringing a warm, fresh sound to Genos2.


With the new Ambient Drums and using a single Live controller, you can choose anything between a punchy, dry, direct drum sound to a more distant, reflective, ambient room sound, providing endless possibilities for your Style playback. Drums are the backbone of any rhythm section so to have this level of control of the Drum sound will really enhance your playing experience.


For the first time in an Arranger Workstation the energy and dynamics of all Styles, including User Styles, can be adjusted using a simple Live controller. Whether you want your backing band to play at a soft pianissimo level, a hard fortissimo level or anything in between, the choice is now yours.


Reverb is often overlooked but we experience it around us everyday. In Arranger Workstations, reverb is used on Voices, Styles, MIDI Songs, Multi-Pads and the Mic Input, which is why introducing REVelation Reverb from Steinberg has such a big impact on the sound of Genos2.

REVelation is extremely high resolution, resulting in a transparent, natural sound, making it the perfect partner for an Arranger Workstation where the reverb must work across a wide range of Voices, Styles and even vocals.


New features combine to make Genos2 even easier to use.


The knobs and sliders are a convenient way to control many aspects of your performance. Genos2’s updated Live Control surface now has LEDs to indicate, at a glance, the position of controls, which now also include a ‘catch’ function, reducing the risk of unintended operation during performance.


At the centre of Genos2’s operation is the large 9-inch touch screen which is now brighter, includes an anti-reflective coating and has been tilted an additional 5 degrees towards the player. Additionally, the sub-display now includes selectable light and dark modes. So whether you’re performing indoors, outdoors or under stage lighting, the Genos2 displays will be clearly visible.


Playlist is the best way to organize Registration Memory banks into convenient Playlists for instant recall during performance.

With the updated user interface, Playlist entries can be sorted A to Z, or Z to A, you can jump alphabetically through Playlist records as well as filter for a specific term in the records.

If you are importing MusicFinder records from an older instrument, the Style name will be automatically included in the new Playlist record name.


Whether your composing or performing, Genos2 will help you reach new heights of performance.


You can easily apply various Vocal Harmony presets to your voice which can enhance your singing experience by adding several harmony parts and effects. Whether you want to sing as a standard duet, jazzy quartet or a big choir, the choice is yours.

In addition, you can be creative with the Synth Vocoder whereby you can manipulate synthesized sounds just by singing into the mic. The mic will pick up the characteristics from your voice, such as the formation of vowels, and feed that information to the Synth Vocoder shaping the synth voices.

Vocal Harmony gives the performer a wide range of vocal expression and possibilities which can be enjoyed at home or on stage.


Connect your Genos2 to an external display or tv using the new HDMI port.

Perfect if you’re entertaining a crowd or hosting a party, you can instantly show the lyrics of your MIDI and Audio songs for everyone to see and sing-along.

In addition, you can also mirror the main display or view a musical score, which can be useful if you're playing in a duo or band.


The new panel buttons provide quick access to recording and playing back chord sequences in realtime.

Whether you wish to free up your left hand to play full piano, build up sections of a song or practice a difficult piece of music, the Chord Looper enables you to store up to 8 chord sequences in each bank for easy access during your performance.

You can create an unlimited number of banks with your own chord progressions, or choose from a range of built-in presets.


Get even more out of your Genos2 with a range of Apps and expansion content.


Genos2 includes Expansion memory, which means new Voices and Styles can be added in the future. By simply registering your Genos2, you can download the DX7 Pack, which adds to the preset Voices, completing the collection of 128 original Voices from DX7.

In addition to exclusive expansion packs for Genos2, there’s already a growing library of free Voice & Style Expansion packs for you to choose from. The packs providing everything from new Voices, Styles, One Touch Settings to MultiPads, enabling you to personalise your Genos2’s content.


With your Bluetooth device connected wirelessly to Genos2, you can enjoy to play along with your favourite songs or even record everything you hear, using the onboard audio recorder.


The new USB Audio Interface allows for studio-quality audio to be recorded using the Rec’n’Share app or any DAW with just a single USB cable. Great for sharing your performance with your friends or for high quality music production.


The magic begins by dragging and dropping your MIDI file into the application. In Easy mode, the conversion to a Style is automatic. Simply save the result and play the Style on your Arranger Workstation.

In Edit mode you can personalize how your Style is created. For example, choose which tracks from the MIDI file should be used in your Style. Specify which regions of the MIDI file are used to make each of the style sections, or even revoice and remix to craft your perfect Style.


Body Color Black
Dimensions Width 1,234 mm (48-9/16")
Height 151 mm (5-15/16")
Depth 456 mm (17-15/16")
Weight Weight 14.2 kg (31 lb, 5 oz)
Packing Box Width 1,460 mm (57-1/2")
Height 270 mm (10-5/8")
Depth 540 mm (21-1/4")
Keyboard Number of Keys 76
Type Organ (FSX), Initial Touch/Aftertouch
Touch Response Normal, Easy1, Easy2, Soft1, Soft2, Hard1, Hard2
Other Controllers Joystick Yes (Assignable)
Control Knobs 6 (Assignable, with LED gauge)
Sliders 9 Live Control sliders (Assignable, with LED gauge), Cross Fader
Art. Switches 3
Pitch Bend -
Modulation -
Display Type Main Display : TFT Color Wide VGA LCD | Sub Display: VA (Live Control view)
Size Main Display : 800 x 480 dots (9 inch) | Sub Display: 512 x 48 dots
Touch Screen Main Display : Yes
Color Color
Language Main Display: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian | Sub Display: English
Panel Language English
Tone Generation Tone Generating Technology FM, AWM Stereo Sampling, AEM technology
Polyphony Number of Polyphony (Max.) 384 (128 for Preset AWM Voices + 128 for Expansion AWM Voices + 128 for FM Voices)
Preset Number of Voices 1,991 Voices + 75 Drum/SFX Kits
Featured Voices 106 S.Articulation2, 437 S.Articulation, 141 FM, 40 Sweet!, 81 Cool!, 188 Live!,
25 OrganFlutes, 123 MegaVoice, 11 Ambient Drums/SFX, 11 Revo Drums/SFX
Compatibility XG Yes (for Song playback)
GS -
GM Yes (for Song playback)
GM2 Yes (for Song playback)
Expandability Expansion Voice Yes (approx. 3 GB)
Editing Voice Set
Part Right 1, Right 2, Right 3, Left
Types Reverb 85 Preset + 30 User
Chorus 107 Preset + 30 User
DSP 363 Preset (with VCM) + 30 User
Insertion Effect 1-28: 363 Preset (with VCM) + 30 User
Master Compressor 5 Preset + 30 User
Master EQ 9 Preset + 30 User
Part EQ 28 Parts
Others Mic effects: Noise Gate, Compressor, 3 Band EQ, Vocal Effect: 23
Arpeggio Yes
Vocal Harmony Number of Presets -
Number of User Settings 60 *The number is the total of Vocal Harmony and Synth Vocoder
Preset Number of Preset Styles 800
Featured Styles 720 Pro, 69 Session, 11 Free Play
Fingering Single Finger, Fingered, Fingered On Bass, Multi Finger, AI Fingered, Full Keyboard, AI Full Keyboard
Style Control INTRO × 3, MAIN VARIATION × 4, FILL × 4, BREAK, ENDING × 3
Other Features One Touch Setting (OTS) 4 for each Style
Chord Looper Yes
Style Section Reset Yes
Unison & Accent -
Expandability Expansion Style Yes (Internal Memory)
Expansion Audio Style Yes (Internal Memory)
Compatibility Style File Format (SFF), Style File Format GE (SFF GE)
Preset Number of Preset Songs 9 Demo Songs, 1 Preset Song
Recording Number of Songs Unlimited (depends on the drive capacity)
Number of Tracks 16
Data Capacity Approx. 3 MB/Song
Recording Function Quick Recording, Multi Recording, Step Recording
Compatible Data Format Playback SMF (Format 0 & 1), XF
Recording SMF (Format 0)
Preset Number of Multi Pad Banks 507 Banks x 4 Pads
Audio Audio Link Yes
Registration Number of Buttons 10
Control Registration Sequence, Freeze
Playlist Number of Records 2500 (max.) Records per Playlist file
Lesson/Guide Lesson/Guide Follow Lights, Any Key, Karao-Key, Your Tempo
Search Yes
Demo/Help Demonstration Yes
Overall Controls Metronome Yes
Tempo Range 5 - 500, Tap Tempo
Transpose -12 – 0 – +12
Tuning 414.8 – 440 – 466.8 Hz (approx. 0.2 Hz increments)
Octave Button Yes
Scale Type 9 types
Sub Scale Setting Yes
USB Audio Interface Yes
Bluetooth Yes (Audio) * May not have this functionality depending on the country
Miscellaneous Direct Access Yes
Text Display Function Yes
Wallpaper Customization Yes
Display Out HDMI (1,280 × 720p max.)
Voices Harmony/Echo Yes (with Arpeggio)
Panel Sustain Yes
Mono/Poly Yes
Voice Information Yes
Styles Style Creator Yes
OTS Information Yes
Songs Score Display Function Yes
Lyrics Display Function Yes
Song Creator Yes
Multi Pads Multi Pad Creator Yes
Audio Recorder/Player Recording Time (max.) approx. 0.8 GB (80 minutes) per Song
Recording WAV (44.1 kHz, 16 bit, stereo)
Playback WAV (44.1 kHz, 16 bit, stereo), MP3 (44.1/48.0 kHz, 64/96/128/256/320 kbps or VBR, mono/stereo)
Lyrics Display Function Yes
Time Stretch Yes
Pitch Shift Yes
Vocal Cancel Yes
Storage Internal Memory Yes (approx. 15 GB)
External Drives USB flash drive
Connectivity Headphones Standard stereo phone jack (PHONES)
FOOT PEDAL 1 (SUSTAIN), 2 (ART.1), 3 (VOLUME), Function assignable
Microphone Yes (Combo Jack), Phantom Power (+48 V) available
AUX IN L/L+R, R Standard phone jack
LINE OUT MAIN (L/L+R, R), SUB (1,2), SUB (3,4/AUX OUT) Standard phone jack
Wireless LAN Yes (*) Standards: IEEE802.11b/g/n (IEEE802.11n 5 GHz: not compatible), Range of transmit frequency (channels): Models for Europe and Brazil: 2401–2483 MHz
(channels 1–13) Others: 2401–2473 MHz (channels 1–11), Maximum RF output power: 14 dBm,
Security: WEP, WPA-PSK (TKIP), WPA-PSK (AES), WPA2-PSK (AES), WPA/WPA2 mixed PSK, SAR value: 0.258 W/kg * May not be included, depending on your area. Check with your Yamaha dealer.
Amplifiers -
Speakers -
Power Supply AC power cord
Power Consumption 37 W
Auto Power Off Function Yes
Included Accessories Owner’s Manual, AC power cord, Music Rest, two Music Rest brackets
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