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The SHS-300 Keytar (“Key” board + Gui “tar”) features a sleek, compact design that gives you immediate access to the exhilaration of playing music.

  • All-in-one configuration
  • 12 high quality Voices (instrument sounds) with 32-note polyphony
  • Pitch Bend wheel, vibrato and sustain controllers.
  • Pro-quality mini-keyboard
  • USB MIDI interface
  • Wireless Bluetooth® MIDI connectivity (This function may not be included depending on the country in which you purchased the product.)
  • JAM function
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Product comes packaged with
  • Owner's Manual
  • Strap
  • USB Cable
Smart, casual design
The SHS-300 keytar features a sleek, compact design that fits just about anywhere, and lets you enjoy playing the keyboard even strapped around your shoulder like a guitar. Play standing up or sitting down—the all-in-one concept of the SHS-300 means that it's up to you.

Discover your untapped creativity and style
The SHS-300 comes with a variety of instrument Voices that are essential to any kind of music genre, including pianos, organs, and acoustic guitars. Embellish your sound with sustain, vibrato, and pitch bend, and let the pro-quality mini-keys unveil your creativity.

Express yourself with a variety of instrument sounds!
Explore different sounds and styles for your practice, performance, and even compositions. Choose from a variety of sounds to select the instrument that best suits your creative needs, and use the sustain, vibrato, and pitch-bend features to embellish your performance.

Pro-quality mini-keyboard
The SHS-300 high-quality mini-keyboard is inherited from the Yamaha reface series, highly regarded by professionals for its outstanding touch, feel, and expressive power.
This keyboard lets even beginning players perform difficult chords or phrases.

The notes match the song—JAM function
Thanks to the JAM function you can instantly enjoy playing along with your favorite songs. Simply connect the instrument with the free “Chord Tracker” app and play along with songs stored on your smart device. No matter which keys you press, the notes automatically match the song, so you don’t have to worry about hitting the wrong notes, fingering technique, or even knowing the proper scales and chords.

More about the JAM function
The JAM function lets you enjoy playing without worrying about hitting the wrong notes. This function has three modes. [1Finger] Ideal for playing backing, the 1Finger mode adds harmonies to the notes played on the keyboard, so that you can play full backing parts with just one finger. [Backing] This mode is also ideal for backing. No matter which keys you press, the notes played are adjusted automatically to match the chord progressions. [Melody A] This mode is ideal for playing melodies. You can create interesting ad-lib phrases, even if you don't know much about musical scales.

Just pick it up and play
Just pick up the SHS-300 and play—the built-in speaker and powerful tone generator let you enjoy performing without the need for any external amp or connections.

Take it anywhere
Battery power means no restrictions on where and when you choose to play your SHS-300. The SHS-300 weighs just 1.2 kg and comes with a bundled strap, allowing you to enjoy playing anywhere.

USB connectivity
Connect via USB to your phone to use the dedicated “Chord Tracker” app, to your computer to power your SHS-300 or use it as a MIDI keyboard for composing and recording with music production software, or to a USB power source to power the SHS-300.
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